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Welcome to our student page.

Each week, our wonderful Head Students, Chloe Smith, Summer-Rose Freer, Sam Bainbridge and Dylan Olliver will share their highlight of the week with you all.

Term 4 Week 7:

A  busy time here at school, but we are all trying our very best to add something to our 3 Kete each day. Today a large group of students’ took part in the Rakahuri Bike Blast, on Wednesday is the Canterbury triathlon, and this week we are  interviewing for our future Head Students.

Our school wide focus is ‘Working hard at Ending the Term well’.

Term 4 Week 2:

We are all looking forward to the Athletic Sports coming up. Y0-1 and Year 2-3 are next Wednesday 9-11 and 11-2 and then the Year 5 -8 sports are next Friday.

Our Spring Market is on Friday 8 November.


Term 3 Week 9:

Our Year 8 girls have enjoyed two sessions of Self Defence. They are ready to face the world!

All the tamariki have been talking about Keeping Ourselves Safe and have enjoyed working with Constable Ken.

Term 3 Week 8:

Skiing was a highlight last week for some of our hard working Seniors!



Term 3 Week 7:

Welcome to Spring. 

Heaps of children are busy adding to their 3 Kete each and every day. Some of our Seniors are looking forward to their ski trip tomorrow at Porters.


Term 3 Week 6:

We have been working hard on ‘Playing as a Caring Southbrook Citizen’. Lots of tamariki have received tokens for being caring. This week our focus is ‘Learning at Southbrook School’ and what this looks like.

Congratulations to our Kete Kids this week - Aria, Kayden, Elsie, Eliza and Tegan.


Term 3 Week 4:

Wow what a fabulous week last week. Our Senior students performed their show - so talented!

P8010022   P8010025


Term 3 Week 2

We have had a great start to Term 3. Our PB4L focus is ‘Being a Responsible Citizen’. Well done to the tamariki that have been receiving a token for this.

Our Aoraki team are working hard on their production. We look forward to this amazing show next week.




Term 2 Week 10:

Last week of term!

We are looking forward to some sleep ins and down time.

Aoraki are looking forward to the Amazing Race in the city tomorrow.

On Thursday we have our end of term House celebration - we wonder what Yellow House is planning...


Term 2 Week 9:

Our Year 4-8tamariki are looking forward to celebrating their learning with our whanau on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A huge congratulations to Amy - Lee for coming 3rd in the Rotary Speech competition. We are very proud of you!


Term 2 Week 8:

Good luck to Amy- Lee who is representing Southbrook tonight at the Rotary Speech competition.

Te Awa have been very busy with swimming every day and competing in Winter Sports on Fridays.  We are proud of the way they have been playing as a team.

Our new PB4L focus this week is Problem Solving and Developing Resilience.

 Term 2 Week 7:

It is super busy here at Southbrook at the moment. Today we introduced Positive token for students at morning tea and lunchtime. Students who are using their 3 Kete matrix well.

Aoraki students are busy getting ready for their production ‘Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies’.

Over the last few weeks, as part of making a difference in our community,  we have been volunteering at the Best Start preschool.


Term 2 Week 3:

We are looking forward to the  Year 4-8 Cross Country tomorrow.

This week is Bully Free Week. We are having lots of discussions in our Learning Spaces about bullying. We will finish the week with a Pink Mufti Day.


Term 2 Week 2:

Welcome to Term 2.

A great start back. Lots of happenings this term. We are looking forward to our Cross Country coming up next week. The Seniors are preparing for their Production ‘Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies’.


Term 1 Week 11:

We have had an amazing Term 1 here at school.

The highlight last week were the two Aoraki school camps and Te Awa and Ngahere celebration days. A huge thank you to our fabulous teachers who spend hours planning these adventures.


Term 1 Week 10:

Our Senior students are very excited to be going on camp this week.

A huge thank you to the Student Council for organising our Wheels at Lunchtime.


Term 1 Week 8:

Science week here at school.

Good luck for the students competing in the duathlon.


Term 1 Week 7:

Good luck to the students who are representing Southbrook School tomorrow at the Rakahuri Swimming Zones.

This week our PB4L focus is Respecting our Peers. We look forward to hearing lots of amazing manners and seeing students be kind to one another.


Term 1 Week 6:

We are all working hard in our Learning Spaces. 

Our Year 5-8 swimming sports was lots fun. Well done to everyone who participated and qualified to get to the next level.


Term 1 Week 4:

The Year 5-8 had their swimming sports yesterday. Mrs Sollitt said she was very impressed with everyone who participated.

Our PB4L focus this week is Being Respectful to Adults.


Term 1 Week 3:

We are all settling back into school routines. Our Positive Behaviour for Learning focus at the moment is Following Instructions the first time. With all the hot days we have been using the school pool heaps. Our school swimming sports are in Week 5.

On Wednesday the Aoraki Learning Space are biking to Kaiapoi and back.


Term 1: Week 2:

Head student page We are the Southbrook School Head Students for 2019. Our motto for the year is 'Little can be Huge'. Our role is to support all the tamariki and staff at Southbrook. We will also be working hard to making a difference in our community. 

















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