Knowledge - Character - Relationships


Here in Ngahere we have a bright and sunny Learning Space with a great view of the school.

We play a special role in our school where children transition from Play Based Learning (PBL) to a more structured framework in preparation for their future learning.

We base our celebrations on the word ‘Quest’. We have ‘Quest for Success’ where we celebrate those that we notice filling their three Kete and working hard to be their best selves. Our Inquiry program is based on a quest for knowledge and throughout the year our projects, information and research skills will continue to grow. Our Inquiry is student led with teacher guidance.  Our programme is enhanced through problem solving, thinking and relating our ideas to wider contexts that relate to the wider world around them. This will look quite different throughout the year as interests, curiosity and skills increase to allow new and exciting opportunities to engage our tamariki.


In Ngahere we recognise the importance to also develop emotional wellbeing.  We use problem solving skills, Pause, Breathe Smile and Mindfulness and Circle time as part of our learning programmes.




Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

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Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.



The Prospectus

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2019 prospectus


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