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The Board of Trustees is the governing body of our school, governing the school according to the requirements of the law. Their responsibilities relate to the setting of policy and approval of school procedures, budgets etc.

The Board works very closely with the Principal and staff who are responsible for the management of the school and the teaching of the NZ curriculum.

The Board represents the Community's interest in the school and as such they:

 - Approve the school's annual budget and report its operation to the community.

 - Are accountable to the community through their annual meetings.

 - Liaise closely with the Principal as the Professional leader and Chief Executive Officer of the Board.

 - Liaise closely with the school PTA (otherwise known as ParentLink).


Our current Board Members are:

Liz McClure  (Chairperson) Julie Walls (Principal)

Jane Reid (Staff representative) Jacky Blackadder (Parent Rep)

Tim Wyeth (Parent Rep) Karen Mackay (Parent Rep)

Scott Pritchard (Parent Rep).

Three members of the Board change every 18 months so that there is always continuity.

Parents are welcome to attend Board meetings, held at the school on the third Wednesday of each month. Minutes, agendas and reports are always available on request.

Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

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Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.




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