Monday Night Twilight Football Draw


The draw for this Monday Evening (5 Dec) is:

Grade Team Names Time Field
Yr 0-2 Southbrook Steamers 4.30pm J1A
Yr 0-2 Southbrook Stars 3.45pm J1A
Yr 3-4 Southbrook Strikers 3.45pm J3B
Yr 3-4 Southbrook Superstars 5.15pm J2B
Yr 6-8 Southbrook Shooters 3.45pm I1





$3585.00 Raised

Bingo Babes Bingo Fundraiser

Our Bingo Babes Bingo fundraiser was a fabulous success – thank you to all of you who supported our event in anyway.  Thank you to those who came, we hope you had a great evening!  Also a big thank you to those of you who dropped off mystery bottles and the many of you who donated ticket money but couldn’t make it on the night.  And a HUGE thank you to our local sponsors – please support our local businesses who have continued to support our school.  

Photography                                                            Gingerbread House                                              Rangiora Pharmacy

Little Kiwi                                                                  Hair on Victoria                                                     Maki Mono Sushi

The Cutting Room                                                   The Head Shed                                                      Avon (Janine McKenzie)

Monthieths                                                               Hair Gallery                                                           Loose Change

Paper Tree                                                                Norwex                                                                   Life Pharmacy

Health 2000                                                             The Brook Bar                                                       Henrys

Rangiora Butchery                                                 Modbod                                                                  Sushi Ya

Hamills Hunting & Fishing                                   New World                                                              Lolly Pot Hanmer 

Whatever Café                                                       Crema Café                                                              Joes Garage                                             


Knowledge, Character, Relationships


Our mission statement above says it all.  

Hi everyone and welcome to our website that will hopefully act as a 'first base' for you regarding our school around up-to-date information about the physical and the pedagogical happenings here in our evolving (and really cool) environment.

We are a state-owned, full primary school with a roll that fluctuates from around 330 students in February through to  approximately 365 students in December each year.  Our students are aged between 5 - 13 years. We currently have have 14 whanau classes, from New Entrants to year 8, that work in collaborative teaching and learning spaces that aim to make the most of everyones skills and strengths.

Our school is located at the southern end of Rangiora, a rapidly growing town in the centre of the bustling Waimakariri District. We are in a state of real growth and because of this we are currently involved in a building project that will enhance and modernise our teaching spaces to be some of the most functional in the area.

We love seeing all members of our team grow and evolve as they spend time here and celebrate the great people who add to their 3-kete each day.

Enjoy your visit!

NC CantaMaths 2015 35

These fine young men are part of our great team here at school.



Funding Support - NZCT


We have been extremely fortunate to have received funding support from the NZCT for both the puchase of sports equipment to help build our next national stars and also for transport support for travel, via Train and Ferry, up to Wellington for our Year 7&8 team who are off on an adventure of a lifetime - their bi-annual 5 day camp to Wellington.

We can not say a large enough THANK YOU to NZCT for their very generous support of both of these important components.  You make such a difference to our children's lives by supporting these opportunities!!!

Sports Gear 1

Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

Southbrook School Staff 2015


Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.

Southbrook School our students



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