Knowledge - Character - Relationships

“The purpose of Southbrook Schools’ Positive Behaviour for Learning plan is to enhance our Three Kete. Through Positive Behaviour for Learning we will all teach our tamariki the skills required to be responsible, respectful citizens of Southbrook School and the wider community.”

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Southbrook School Three Kete Matrix

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Behaviour Management Plan

For our Behaviour Management Plan please go to School Docs Behaviour Development Plan

When there has been an incident, a teacher will go through the 3 W’s with the student and victim.

The 3 W’s

  1. What went wrong for you?
  2. What could you have done instead?
  3. What will you do / say now to fix the problem?

Our Kete Strengths

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Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

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Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.




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