Knowledge - Character - Relationships

We are the Years 5 & 6 learning team. Our teachers are Holly Marsh, Katie Owens and Zara Toohey along with Lea Ettema and Catherine Lutterman our wonderful learning support team.

We are nurturing lifelong learners and good citizens through child directed learning. We use inquiry and a range of thinking strategies to encourage children to become open minded learners, self-managers and creative thinkers.

We also recognise the importance for students to develop emotional wellbeing. We use Pause, Breathe, Smile and Circle Time as part of our student growth in this area.

Access to learning and appropriate challenges for all children are essential with the development of a positive mindset e.g. A ‘can do’ attitude, I will give this a go, mistakes will help me with my learning.

The skills associated with learning to learn will be explicitly taught and encouraged with children being the heart of the matter: “Ko ngā tamariki te pūtake o te kaupapa.”

Our focus will be developing citizenship with the key emphasis being that of service - learning. Service - learning utilises the wider community and makes clear links to the NZ Curriculum and Key Competencies. Children will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences. Our Kete time will also see children making wider connections in our community that includes interacting with the elderly and early learners. We will also be using contexts across all curriculum areas to make learning both purposeful and meaningful.  

Ultimately, we are making links each day to citizenship which adds to our 3 Kete, Knowledge, Character and Relationships.





Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

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Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.



The Prospectus

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