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Welcome to our student page.

Each week, our wonderful Head Students, Calad Twohig, Endera Tanala, Jessica Rowe-Mitchell and Charlotte Reid will share their highlight of the week with you all.

Term 4 Week 7:

Wheels Friday was a great success for the Year 1 and 2’s last Friday. This Wednesday Aoraki have a turn and then on Friday Ngahere and Te Awa.


Good luck to all the students who are applying for leadership positions for next year.


Term 4 Week 6:

It is Week 6 already, 19 days of school left!

Well done to Athletes who participated in last weeks Rakahuri Sports. Good luck to those who are now of to the Canterbury Athletics. It is exciting to see all the Leadership opportunities available for 2018. Take the challenge and apply for some roles!

Have a great week.


Term 4 Week 5:

Good luck to all the Athletes going to Rakahuri Sports tomorrow. Last week we farewelled Mr Fletcher at a special assembly. We wish him luck in his next adventure! We will miss you.

Term 4 Week 4:

Aoraki team camps are over and everyone had lots of fun!. Today was the Teoteo and Ngā Manu Nui Sports day. Tomorrow the rest of the school takes part in the Athletics Day.

We are looking forward to Mr Fletcher’s farewell on Thursday. We will miss you lots Mr Fletcher!


Term 4 Week 1:

Welcome to Term 4. We have a busy and fun filled term ahead with camps, swimming, athletics, clubs, day trips and lots of amazing learning to happen.

Term 3 Week 10:

Well done to all the contestants that competed in the poetry final last Friday, also well done to the students that performed in the Southbrooks got talent. You are all superstars!

Wow we can't believe it's almost the end of the term. We have a busy week ahead, on Wednesday the Seniors have their ski day, on Thursday is Grandparents day and on Friday it’s end of term assembly and last day of term. We wish you a safe and happy holiday.


Term 3 Week 9:

Wow two weeks left of the term! On Friday we have our Poetry finals, good luck to you all. Unfortunately the Seniors ski day was postponed today until next Wednesday! Have a great week.


Term 3 Week 8:

Last Friday we had a mufti day and we encouraged families to ‘bring a can’ to help the Baptist Church and their food bank. Thank you for all your support. We are on the way with our school talent show, the auditions were amazing, now we look forward to the show next week.  Some of the Year 8’s are enjoying their time at the radio station. Be sure to tune and listen to us.

IMG 0614 2

Term 3 Week 6:

Wow its week 6!

Southbrook’s got talent, auditions are this week. Good luck to you all.

 Term 3 Week 5:

Yesterday a small group of students went to Mt Cheeseman for a ski competition. They had a great time. Well done to Bradley who won a silver medal.

Good luck to the Cantamath team for Wednesday, when they compete against other teams at the Horncastle Arena.

We are excited that our radio station is back with announcers, so remember to tune in and listen.

 Term 3 Week 4:

Last week we had our Learning Conferences, it was great to share our learning with our parents and talk about our next steps.

There has been lots of fun at clubs this term; robotics, yoga club, drawing club, wheels club, bey blade club and construction club are just a few clubs that we can join.


Term 3 Week 2:

Today the Head students and Student Council met together. We are hoping for a fine day tomorrow for our Winter Sport. We also need to look our best on Thursday for school photos. On Friday we will have a Red and Black day to support Mr Fletcher and the Crusaders!

The Student Council will make a difference in our community this term when they have a “Bring a Can Mufti Day’ to support the Rangiora Baptist Church Food bank on the 8th September.


Term 3 Week 1:

Welcome back to Term 3.

Many exciting things are happening this term... Winter sports, Learning conferences, School photos, Poetry competition to name a few.

This term our focus as Head students is our Social Skills Club that we will run each week. The club will give students an opportunity to come and make new friends and to learn new skills.

Have a great week


Term 2 Week 10:

Last week of term of a busy term!
Lots of things happening this week - winter sports day for Year 5-8, Aoraki Matariki sleepover, house celebration day and final assembly on Friday.
We hope you have a safe and fun holiday break with your children


Term 2 Week 9:

Funky Friday was a great success. We raised just over $300 for Child Cancer.

Last Friday evening the Disco was lots of fun. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped in anyway. :-)

Term 2 Week 8:

Lots of things happening at Southbrook this week. Today (Monday) the Seniors going to the town hall to watch the Rangiora High Musical. On Friday it is ‘Funky Friday’ mufti day. The student council have organised this to raise funds for Child Cancer. Also on Friday the Aoraki team are hosting a school disco.


Term 2 Week 7:

It was great last Wednesday to see everyone in their Pirate costumes. Thank you to everyone who supported our book fair.


Term 2 Week 6:

The Young Leaders Day was an awesome experience.It was inspirational to see how others have succeeded, not given up when things got hard.

Today we said farewell to the old Admin building. We look forward to our new entrance way developing.



Term 2 Week 4:

We would like to say a big well done to all Year 3-8 students who participated in the Cross Country last Tuesday.


Term 2 Week 3:

We are very excited to be in our new building. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us last week.

Here we are standing in our new office area.

Head students1



Term 2 Week 2:

We are on the move to our new build this week. We can’t wait to have a look around!

Teoteo and Nga Manu Nui are looking forward to their cross country on Thursday afternoon. The Year 3-8 students are excited about their cross country at Southbrook Park, next Tuesday.

Our green house is looking fabulous in our vege garden. A big thank you to everyone who has helped us in any way.


Term 2 Week 1:

Welcome back to Term 2. It is great to back to school after a relaxing holiday.

This is a term of change at Southbrook. Three of our Learning Spaces will be moving into our new building over the next few weeks and then the administration block will be demolished.

Have a great week.

Term 1 Week 11:

Today we met with the Student Council and Saskia (Rangiora Lions Club Youth Ambassador) to learn more about leadership. She inspired us to take lots of different opportunities.

We are excited for the end of the term. We have been working hard filling our 3 Kete. Have a great holiday.

Term 1 Week 10:

On Monday 27th we had the opportunity to go to the PCT challenge. We had an awesome time developing our Leadership skills.

What an amazing day it was here at Southbrook School last Friday. We are very proud of Charlotte and Jorge and their 'Shave for a Cure'. Together they raised $1755.00 for Leukemia and Blood Cancer NZ.


Term 1 Week 8:

 We are super excited to have our Learning Conferences this week. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with our parents.

Next week a group of us are going on the PCT challenge. This is an exciting opportunity for us to grow as leaders.


Term 1 Week 7:

This week we are supporting the Student Council. They have having a mufti day on Friday to raise money to support Big Brothers Big Sisters who help support some of our students here at Southbrook. A big congratulations to the students who competed in the Rakahuri Zone swimming sports last week. We are very proud of you all.

Term 1 Week 6:

Today we met with the student council. It was great to share ideas about making a difference at Southbrook.This last week we have seen dramatic changes in the new building. It is exciting to see it take shape.


Term 1 Week 5: 

The Year 8’s are looking forward to having their new polo shirts. These tops show and celebrate that we are Seniors.

We are excited that our new building will be finished at the end of this term. Nga Manu Nui, Ngahere and Te Awa are looking forward to having fabulous new spaces to work in.

Term 1 Week 4:

We have enjoyed seeing students at Southbrook supporting / caring for each other at play times. We are very proud of our students who participated in the school triathlon and swimming sports last week, well done to you all.
The first four weeks have gone fast and our learning spaces are  beginning to overflow with our work.
We congratulate the students who are our Student Council for 2017.  We look forward to working alongside you to make a difference at Southbrook School.


 Term 1 Week 3:

Students at Southbrook have been busy practicing for swimming sports and our triathlon that will be held this week. We have also been getting to know our own learning spaces and the new students at Southbrook. Welcome to you all.



10th October

It is hard to believe that it is Term 4 already and with the many things that are happening over the next 10 weeks this term is sure to fly by also.

Among the highlights that we are looking forward to this term are the Year 7&8 camp to Wellington in Week 2, the Year 5&6 camp to Woodend Beach in Week 8, the Middle and Senior Athletics in Week 3, the Junior School Sports Spectacular in Week 4 and a visit from the author Stu Duval also in Week 4.

We look forward to updating you each week as to further highlights here at school.  Watch this space.



19th September

Week 8 for the term was Science Week here at school.  Throughout the school there were different Science activities that reflected our school wide theme of Change.  The different experiments that we conducted throughout the school were all loads of fun and we learnt lots.  We really enjoyed having a different focus for the afternoon.  The crowd favourite seemed to be Mrs Sollitt's Hockey Pockey experiment.

The Senior Team (Aoraki) also held Language Days on Wednesday and Friday.  On each of these days we learnt common phrases and everyday words.  We also looked at the country and some traditions that they had.  The four languages we looked at were French, German, Maori and Spanish.



12th September

We have had some really great things happening here over the past week. 

We were able to celebrate our very successful mufti day at our whole school assembly with a visit from Jason who thanked us in behalf of the North Canterbury Foodbank.

We were also able to celebrate our successful Readathon that raised $2900 for our pool area development.

Our Year 8's met with some representatives from Rangiora High School who answered some of the questions the group had.

We are all looking forward to Week 9 which is our last week of Term 3.  Where is the year going??



5th September

Last week was not an overly busy week outside of our classrooms.  One of the highlights was the Mufti Day that the whole school involved itself in last Friday.  This event was to support the North Canterbury Foodbank whose stocks of food are used to support needy families in our area via food parcels and other gifts.  We were aware that these stocks are at record lows.

Instead of a gold coin donation, which would normally be the cost for each person who took part, a food item (canned food or dried food) was asked to be brought to school to add to our pile of donated items.  Considering the fact that we have 356 students here at school currently, we are very proud that we were able to collect just on 500 items showed.  This effort shows how generous our families are in supporting this great cause.  We would like to thank everyone for their support.

 101 0088


29th August 

In what was overall not a busy week regarding activities around the school the highlight for us was the attendance of our Year 7 and Year 8 teams at the 2016 Cantamaths competition. 

In this competition teams are challenged wth answering 20 complicated mathematical problems in 30 minutes. This is a tough ask and very few of the 100+ teams in attendnace manage to get all of the problems solved in this short amount of time.

Our Year 7 team found the competition challenging and finished in the lower portion on the scoreboard.

Our Year 8 team faired rather well and managed to answer 15 out of the 20 questions to place in the top third of the table.

Overall this was a great learning opportunity as to how to work under pressure as there is lots of noise and lots of activity to distract the teams from their problem solving.

We congratulate both teams on their efforts.



22nd August

Last Wednesday our students celebrated Bubbles Day.  We did this to raise awareness and contribute to the fundraising efforts of Cystic Fibrosis NZ and their efforts towards finding a cure.  The classes got to walk around the court area here at school to view the different pieces of artwork that had been created in the different learning spaces.

One of the true highlights was getting to blow lots of bubbles, both big and small.  The sad message behind this was that sometimes living with Cystic Fibrosis, people's breathing can feel like they are having to breath through a straw.

IMG 1759

IMG 1783



15th August

Our highlight for last week was getting the opportunity to participate in 2 big events.  

The North Canatmaths coimpetition was held at the Clarkville School hall. Teams from schools across North Canterbury were all competing to be the best mathematicians in Year 6, Year 7, or Year 8.

After a tough and tense battle in all competitions our Year 6 team placed 6th, our Year 7 team placed 17th  , and our Year 8 team placed 7th.  A great learning experience for all.


The other big event was the one day Winter Tournament that was held on Friday.  We played Netball, Hockey, Soccer and Rugby against a number of other schools from around North Canterbury.  All of the teams competed well and it was a huge amount of fun.

Thanks to all of the helpers who assited on the day.



Our People

We have a great team behind us here at Southbrook School. Our staff are passionate about education and love teaching in and supporting our school and students.

Southbrook School Staff 2015


Our Students

Our students are what makes our school. Watching them form their education is what motivates us. Seeing the kids grow is an awesome privilege.

Southbrook School our students



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